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Long drives on America’s highways open a lot of time for deep thinking.

How Dark Blue Feels is an abstract snowboard film that follows Miles Fallon and friends across the US as they find spots and inspiration in uncommon locations. From the small towns and back roads of the Great Lakes Region to the nooks and crannies of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania—the birthplace of the steel industry boom—the crew applies their inventive riding wherever they find themselves.

While most of their season making the movie was spent in the streets, once Miles and crew had their fill metropolitan hustle and bustle, they took off to Mt. Baker, Washington to get away from the noise and chase powder, wrapping up winter in the still and snow-clogged steeps of the Cascades.

Whether it’s on a snow-covered mountain or beneath a skyscraper-filled skyline, Miles and friends set their sights on creating something for you to watch for years to come and the result is How Dark Blue Feels.

Click play now to watch Miles’ explosive energy and board control and get stoked to make turns this winter.

Featuring Miles Fallon, Dylan Okurowski, Keegan Hosefros, Denver Orr, Luke Lund, Caleb Kinnear, and Justin Phipps. Directed by Bryden Bowley.